Here at Insanika Capital, we innovate and offer a widespread range of loan plans to provide you with flexible funding for your financial needs. Our products and services include Mortage Refinancing, New Purchase , Business and Personal Loans and All debt consolidation loans.
Mortgage Loan Refinancing

Have you invested in property, but are now in need of some cash in hand for your child’s education, or a new business venture? We will help you refinance it, free up some of the value for a cash-out option, and prevent it from being an investment you regret.

Short Term Financing

Each client has a unique set of financial needs. That is why we look at each individual case and customize a plan to suit you best. Need financial aid while waiting for that loan application to clear? We can do that too.

Personal Loan Financing & Advisory

Our experts and consultants draw on years of experience in the banking sector, and are able to help consolidate and manage your finances.

We have expertise in underwriting, property valuation, loan restructuring and handling of complex financing issues.

Business Loan Financing

Need some jump-start capital to get your business off the ground? Or do you need some capital injection to keep your company running? We have a multitude of solutions to fulfill your needs.

Our Advisory Services are Transparent, Fair, And Simple